Earth’s Secret Weapon Just Switched Teams.

When an elite Im-Sec agent is blackmailed by the very people he’s sworn to protect, he realises the only way to win the game is to change the rules.

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The Greatest Thing Ever Written in the Universe, Ever.

Tsum Dood

Desperate, Hunted, Alone…

Earth in the 2400s isn’t exactly a prime vacation spot. While the rest of the system-worlds flourish, Earth – crippled by overpopulation and lack of resources – shuts down its borders and introduces a zero-tolerance policy on free movement in a desperate attempt to cling to power. The elite Im-Sec department is created to hunt down rogue visitors – using lethal force if necessary – and keep the borders secure.

But not everybody plays by the rules. When an Im-Sec agent tasked with hunting down illegal immigrants is framed by the people he is sworn to protect, he must partner with a sentient AI in order to clear his name, save his family, and save Earth from destruction.

The District of London. Eighty million people crammed into one of Earth’s few-remaining megacities. Reforestation and solar farms have reclaimed over 90% of the planet’s habitable space, and rapid expansion of off-planet colonies has stripped Earth of its most talented minds.

What remains is a society existing on a knife’s edge – what little natural resources left are used to feed the hungry population and use as economic leverage over the colonies.

Still the system’s largest importer and exporter, and with its borders firmly closed, Earth maintains a tenuous grip on power – but all that is about to change. OffWorld – the system’s largest corporate conglomorate – is set to strengthen their hold on the future by stripping Earth’s government of the power to control their own people. But they can’t do it alone – they need someone on the inside, someone with everything to lose, to put their plan into action.

Hal Shepard, an augmented human heading up Im-Sec’s elite Special Operations team, soon finds himself backed into an impossible situation. Forced to choose between betraying his own people and putting his family in the line of fire, Shepard must work to clear his name and expose a conspiracy that threatens Earth’s future. And he’s going to need help.

When a system malfunction forces SAI – the government’s latest Sentient Artificial Intelligence program – to take up residence in Shepard’s cranial implant, all bets are off – and the two of them quickly realise that to win this game, they’ll need to change the rules.

Exit Protocol is the first book in the OffWorld: Hal Shepard series, a thrilling mix of hard science fiction, action, mystery, and intrigue that sci-fi fans will love.


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